Peace Education and Knowledge


Peak is available on the TimelessToday App, both Android and iOS

It is not available on the TimelessToday website.

Language Availability


Android: Minimum version is 1.9

iOS: Minimum version is 1.0

Español, Français, Italiano

Android: Minimum version: 1.9.8

iOS: Minimum version: 1.16

iPad Users: Please install the 'Universal' version of the TimelessToday app (min. version is 1.16).

We recommend that you always keep your version of the app updated!

How do I use PEAK?

You must be signed into the TimelessToday app in order to use Peak

TimelessToday uses your login username/phone number to store your progress through the PEAK training course.

There are 9 chapters. Chapters 2 through 9 each have 2 user interactions:

  • Journal Question: This is for you to make notes on what you learn during the chapter.

  • Recap Question: The PEAK training staff review the responses of these questions if you decide to continue with further training following the completion of PEAK.

How do I change language settings?

You must be signed into the TimelessToday app in order to use Peak

  • From the main app menu, scroll down to the 'Settings/Support' option.

  • From the 'Settings' page, select 'Language'

  • Tap on the your language choice. Please note that the default language in the PEAK content for English and Hindi is English

IMPORTANT: You must complete the Journal and Recap questions before you can move to the following chapter.

How can I get Help?

For more detailed help, please visit Contact Information