What is PEAK?

PEAK (Peace Education And Knowledge) is the ground-breaking app-based course from Prem Rawat about uncovering the peace that exists within all of us.

There are nine chapters—more than six hours of video in all—that create a rich, coherent journey to deeper self-understanding and knowledge.

PEAK is free. You do not have to have a TimelessToday subscription in order to enjoy the PEAK course, but you do need a TimelessToday (free Basic) account.

 An overview of PEAK is available here.

How do I view PEAK?

At this time, PEAK is only available in the TimelessToday app. It is not available on the TimelessToday website.

You need to have a TimelessToday account and be signed in to the TimelessToday app in order to use PEAK.

TimelessToday uses your login email address or phone number—whichever one you used when setting up your account—to store your progress through the PEAK training course.

Where to find the TimelessToday App to access PEAK

For AndroidFor iPhone & iPad
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What does PEAK contain?

There are 9 chapters. Chapters 2 through 9 each have 2 viewer interactions:

  • Journal Question: This is for you to make notes about what you learn from PEAK during a chapter.
  • Recap Question: The PEAK training staff will review the responses to the Recap question when and if you decide to continue with further training after completing PEAK.

IMPORTANT: You must complete both Journal and Recap parts before you can view the next chapter.


What devices can be used to view PEAK?

  • Apple iPhone 6 Plus to 12
  • Apple iPad
  • Android devices

iPad users: Please install the phone version of the TimelessToday app (version 1.20 or higher). This universal app version (a universal app is a single app that is optimized for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad devices) works on both iPhone and iPad.

The TimelessToday app is updated on a regular basis. It is highly recommend that you turn on notifications to be informed about a new update.


What languages are available to view PEAK in?

PEAK can be currently viewed in English, Español, Français, Italiano

  • English
    • Android: TimelessToday app version required is 1.9 or higher
    • iOS: TimelessToday app version required is 1.0 or higher

Currently, the TimelessToday app can only be viewed in English language on the iPad.

  • Español, Français, Italiano
    • Android: TimelessToday app version required is 1.9.8 or higher
    • iOS: TimelessToday app version required is 1.16 or higher


How do I change language settings?

  • Make sure you are signed in to the TimelessToday app.
  • From the app Main menu, scroll down and tap on the Settings/Support section.
  • On the Settings page, tap on Language
  • Tap on your particular language choice. Available languages in the app at this time include Spanish, French, and Italian.


How can I get more help if/when I need it?

For more detailed help, please visit our Contact Information web page