When I send a gift, do you send a message to inform the recipient about it?

Yes, we will notify them via email or SMS depending on the option selected when gifting.

Do I need to inform the recipient about the gift?

It is advisable in case the notification goes unnoticed or to spam/junk folder.

Can I remain anonymous?

No, your name will appear when we send notification of the gift to the recipient.

Do I need to have a TimelessToday account to make a purchase for gifting or sponsorship?

Yes, you need to have an account and be logged in to make a purchase.

How does the recipient access the gift?

The recipient needs to log in to the TimelessToday website with the phone number or the email address that was used at the time of gifting. After logging in, they will be presented with a message about the gift. They can accept the gift from that message or do so later from their account profile page on the website. If the recipient doesn’t have an account, they can create one.

Can the gift be accessed via the App and the website?

As of now, the gift can be redeemed via the website only. Once the gift is redeemed, the user can log in to either the app and website and enjoy their premier subscription.

What happens if the recipient already has a premier subscription?

If the recipient has an active premier subscription, then gifting won’t be possible for that recipient.

Gifting premier subscription to someone who already has a basic account.

Please remember to inform the recipient of your gift what option you have chosen, telephone or email. They MUST use this same option to activate and access their account in future.

Do you accept all types of bank cards and can I use PayPal?

At this time, you can use only those credit cards that do not require multi-factor authentication. You can use debit cards. PayPal is not available currently.